You might have noticed a different logo, and different name altogether, when you visit the home page of my website. It has come to my husbands attention, and mine, that my business name "Reclaimed Art" might no longer encapsulate all the art projects and commissions I have going on. Thus, the idea of "Mary Annis - Hand lettering & Fine Art." has come about. We will see if it sticks - right now we are just playing around with it. Bear with us ;)

Arts Goggle 2015

I've never been in a real art festival before. And my husband and I were beginning to question our sanity for signing up when 7:30 am on a Saturday morning rolled around. (We sleep in on Saturdays). 

However, it was a wonderful experience! We set up camp, made some sales, and i got to spend the whole Saturday with my husband :) 

Thanks Arts Goggle! 

Paint + Wine

Anyone heard of Le Painted Grape? Me either. Until about a week ago.

I've started teaching a wine glass painting class in Fort Worth! Not gonna lie, I was skeptical. And even more skeptical about my teaching skills. But it actually went pretty well!

First class - done! 

Watercolor Teaching

I've recently been teaching a 78 year old man how to paint with watercolors. The first time we met was on his farm - he was wearing overalls and hobbled out onto his front porch to meet me. As we walked inside and made small talk he showed me various paintings scattered about his house - he explained to me that his wife used to be a wonderful painter before she died. And he wanted to learn to paint in memory of her. In fact, the last painting she worked on was a watercolor landscape she had tried to teach her husband how to create, but to no avail.

Now he says it's up to me to teach him. Lord, help me. 

First Post

First day of blogging, whoo hoo!                                                                                                                                 I'm sitting at Starbucks in Texas, next to my wonderful husband, who buys me lattes when I'm tired.